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Redland London - Lemon Downpour

I was commissioned by Redland London to create an Ad for their new colorful line of suitcases. Inspired by My surreal work 'The Lemon farmer' they wanted to create something with a downpour of lemons. I thought it can work if the lemons show off the durability of the suitcases, and the whole 'you will be prepared for anything with this luggage' state of mind. As always, I opted for a small crew and practical effects, shooting Dvir using a Softlighter and a glorious sunrise as a backlight. After the main shot was created we proceeded to shoot the various lemons, using high tech BBQ sticks To get them into the various positions. Using an Ipad and an Eyefi card I was able to monitor that everything was going as planned and in the correct place

Project Roles
Art Director, Creative Director, Photographer
Redland London
2D, Adobe Photoshop
Project Industries
Advertising, Travel/Tourism
Redland London - Lemon Downpour
Redland London - Lemon Downpour