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Aussie Rules Campaign

My partner and I pitched the winning campaign to launch a new tagline and product for Aussie Haircare, with a focus on hair care products that let you forget about your hair anxiety and focus on living life instead. The final campaign featured pre-roll video content starring Graydon Sheppard (of "Shit Girls Say" fame) two print ads, and OLA. Besides building the initial concept for all aspects of the campaign, I led the development of a new campaign visual identity (convincing the brand to move from black and white to color photography for the first time), and directed both print ads from concept through on-site shoot and post. Our video garnered over 7 million hits on Youtube, lots of press, and a second episode one year later.

Project Roles
Art Director
Art Direction, Commercial, Conceptual, Content, Print, Visual Development, Design
Advertising, Commercials - Video
Project Industries
Aussie Rules Campaign
Aussie Rules Campaign
Aussie Rules Campaign
Aussie Rules Campaign