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Maxfield Los Angeles

How do you build a website for a store that isn’t selling you anything? That’s not completely accurate – what Maxfield sells is the history and curation of Tommy Perse. The same Tommy that introduced the concept of black (yes the color) to the LA fashion scene – and made Armani, Commes de Garçons and Yohji Yamamoto household names. For all the cultural influence however, Maxfield needed a digital presence. At the time, eCommerce was neither needed nor wanted. Maxfield didn’t need to convert shoppers or optimize their SEO, they needed an experience – a way to understand the aesthetic that is Maxfield – high brow and low brow, dirty and clean, sacred and profane. The Posh and the Perverse – so that’s exactly what we did.

Project Roles
Creative Director
Art Direction, Creative Direction, Design, Motion
Interactive Videos, Websites
Project Industries
Fashion, Luxury
Maxfield Los Angeles