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Dev Agency Website

First Factory had a problem: their website was badly outdated and lackluster. It did not inspire confidence in potential clients, nor reflect their position as a provider of high-quality development services with a personal touch. The founder, Jason Roff, believed they could do better. He wanted a presence that would help them land additional clients, as well as entice more superstar developers to join their team. Working with Jason, I dug deep into his business history, the goals he had for his company, and what truly made First Factory stand out to his clients. I reviewed client testimonials and interviews as well as employee feedback. From this research, we drew important insights, including how important the human-side of the company was to business. Again and again, clients and employees mentioned the fantastic working relationships and ease of communication. First Factory was far more than a development shop, they became integral part of their client’s teams. They were reliable, personable, and quick to offer solutions to difficult problems.These insights were instrumental in determing which sections of the site to build out, the focus of the copy, and which visual elements would be most impactful. Acting as a one-stop shop, I created and connected all the key elements — code, copy, and design — into a website that would better serve First Factory’s client and employee acquisition processes.

Project Roles
Copywriter, Designer, Front-End Developer
First Factory
Design, Front-End Development, User Behavior Research
Visual Designs, Websites
Project Industries
Dev Agency Website
Dev Agency Website
Dev Agency Website
Dev Agency Website