Identity & Product Design at wynd

wynd is a shipping and logistics company with an iOS app and e-commerce plugin that allows both consumers & businesses to send items anywhere for less money and less effort than any other shipping provider. I was a part of the wynd team from early 2015 to late 2016, joining as the first in-house designer and eventually leading a full rebrand of the company and full redesign of the digital products. When I joined the team at wynd, they were gearing up for the initial launch for their first digital product — an iOS application that would allow you to ship items by requesting a courier to your location, allowing either same-day delivery in New York City or standard and expedited shipping everywhere else. I was brought in to complete the design of the remaining pieces of the iOS application and develop assets for the website. As time went on, I took on the responsibilities of implementing a rebrand, encompassing everything from creative strategy to creating a logo to designing and developing a new website, as well as leading a full redesign of the mobile application and introducing long-requested B2B tools. The wynd app for iOS allows you to ship items anywhere without any packing or preparation. You just take a photo of the item, note the dimensions and weight, and choose a shipping method. Once you add all your packages to your shipping list, you request a pickup and a courier comes pick up the items from your location, and you're be able to track the courier on a map as they make their way to you. The full redesign of the app took about 4-5 months, and was done alongside the creation of a new brand identity and new website. We organized tasks on Trello, whiteboarded user scenarios and drew flow-charts, mapped out timelines (on Asana and Instagantt), wireframed (in Sketch), designed (in Sketch), prototyped (in InVision and Flinto), and iterated through weekly product sprints.

Project Roles
Art Director, Developer, Product Designer
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Design, Sketch
App Design, Brand Guidelines, Logos, Mood Boards, Photography, Product Designs, Prototypes, Roadmaps, Typography, UI Design, UX Designs
Identity & Product Design at wynd
Identity & Product Design at wynd
Identity & Product Design at wynd