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LifeBEAM: AI Personal Trainer "Vi"

I was brought in to lead character, personality, and dialogue creation for the world’s first Artificial Intelligence personal trainer “Vi.” Unlike Siri, Alexa, Bixby, or Cortana, Vi needs to actively motivate people—specifically, to encourage them to create a workout routine and stick to it. Working with behavioral scientists, personal trainers, and fitness enthusiasts, we studied the art and science of motivation to find what people respond to in order to craft a personality with the right mix of information, respect, and fun to help users achieve their goals. Once we had the right voice, we worked to design meaningful conversation trees that would draw users in, offer them choices, and give them a feeling of real partnership. So far, Vi has helped thousands of runners transform their fitness routine into fun, personalized experiences. And the number 1 thing users rave about? Her personality.

Project Roles
Creative Director, Creative Technologist
Comedy, Conceptual, Content, Content Management, Copywriting, Creative Direction, Humor, Interactive, Management of Teams 1-10, Project Management, Strategy, Technology, User Behavior Research
Character Designs, Mobile Apps, Screenplays
Project Industries
Health/Pharma, Packaged Goods, Technology
LifeBEAM: AI Personal Trainer "Vi"