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The Weather Policy

Electric Castle is one of the best music festivals in Europe. But last 2 editions were affected by heavy rain, making people reluctant to purchase early bird tickets. Even more, the festival became laughing stock on social media, were everybody was sharing bad weather jokes on our channels. We had to make the weather work for us. So together with NN Insurance, we signed a special weather policy that insured the weather at the festival. The entire amount would go towards bringing electricity to family homes in remote areas of Romania. Then we encouraged everyone to share their weather forecast in order to increase the donated amount. All media channels covered the subject and starting with influencers, everyone shared their forecast. In the end, we managed to bring electricity in 28 family homes for the first time.

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Cinematographer, Copywriter, Creative Director
Cake Creative Shop
Copywriting, Creative Direction, Mixed Media, Social
Branded Content, Commercials - Video, Viral Films
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