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Whiz Kid

Kids need a new relationship with their dentist. Which meant we needed to develop a character that kids can relate to—one that makes dental education fun, which is not necessarily a fun environment. We did this by creating Whiz Kid. In pre-roll videos, she engages moms with dental trivia. Using an innovative interactive video platform that also supports interactive video on mobile devices, she also challenges visitors on the landing page. Pre-roll Video We created multiple pre-roll videos of Whiz Kid­—the kid who knows the most about dentistry—to engage parents in oral health trivia. We managed multiple vendors to reach our target audience in hyper-geotargeted digital footprints with 100% “cookiable” inventory. Landing Page We also designed and developed landing pages to extend the trivia game, asking visitors to give their email address, or challenge their friends to a game on social media. The video on the landing page is interactive, and is responsive across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Conversion Tracking The campaign was designed in a way so that both clicks and view-through conversions could be tracked. Because many visitors convert over the phone, a user simply visiting the Kool Smiles website after seeing the video then calling could be tracked back to the vendor and as granular as the unique video placement. Brand Awareness • 67% of viewers watched the entire video, higher than the industry average • 99,000+ pre-roll videos were played every day on average during the entire campaign View-through Conversion • 63% of conversions were from view-through calls • 57% of appointments scheduled were from view-through calls • 68% of callers who saw the videos actually scheduled appointments

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Whiz Kid
Whiz Kid
Whiz Kid
Whiz Kid