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Piedmont Urgent Care by WellStreet

WellStreet is an urgent care provider with several locations in Atlanta and the surrounding area. Their marketing program had only scratched the surface of what digital could do, and they needed to do more. When we took over, we helped them think differently about how to connect to a pool of potential patients through a variety of digital projects. We developed digital advertising campaigns, an online scheduling tool, email strategy, and an entirely new web presence. We also helped them navigate a co-branded partnership with Piedmont Hospital. Scheduling sports physicals: We piloted a scheduling tool that allowed high school students to get a free required sports physical and allow them to tell a clinic when they would be coming in. We raise brand awareness and increased participation 175% over the previous year. I'm coming in now!: To help clinics anticipate patient volumes, we tested a button that let patients tell us they were on their way. Operationally, the system allowed patients to give the clinic a time when they would be arriving, and still remained within the bounds of what would be considered an "urgent care appointment" for healthcare billing purposes. Media: Digital Advertising is how we helped WellStreet gain efficiency in both what they were spending to advertise and the volume of leads being driven to their site. We nearly doubled the amount they were spending (96%) while increasing lead volume significantly more (122%).

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Art Director, Executive Producer, UX/IA Designer
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Design, Management of Teams 1-10
Advertising, Websites
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Piedmont Urgent Care by WellStreet