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Until There Is No Sun

There is a place in the far north of Scandinavia, north of the Arctic Circle line, where winter winds and wild skies and the back-and-forth of freezing and unfreezing create a landscape like no other. In the months that mark the end of one year and the beginning of another, the sky shifts into darkness. Each day, a calculated eight minutes of sun is lost, until there is no sun left to lose. And it is dark. It is a continuing reminder of the tilted axis of the earth, when part of the world turns its back to the sun. Until There is No Sun is a visual exploration of an intricate landscape in northern Scandinavia, where space scientists study solar winds and atmospheres of celestial bodies; where miners dig holes in the earth, under the houses where people sleep; where indigenous reindeer herders move their herds across disputed lands; all of them looking to a sky that shifts dramatically from day to night.

Project Roles
Art Director, Artist, Photographer
Fulbright US
Documentary, Editorial, Conceptual
Art, Documentaries, Photography
Project Industries
International, Lifestyle
Until There Is No Sun