Target: Bullseye University - Live Shoppable Event

Target had a massive challenge for reaching a younger audience who is extremely averse to direct advertising and wanted an authentic way of engaging them and bringing awareness for Target's offerings to help students going to college. The solution was Bullseye University a live-streaming, four-day, shoppable event that featured five popular YouTube personalities actually living in Target-designed dorm rooms. Viewers had the opportunity to go online and interact with the roommates, participate in daily interactive experiences, shop back-to-college products featured in the dorm rooms and win prizes! The immense challenge of this campaign was the need to create a seamless experience that was digital, experiential, and social.

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Executive Producer
Digital, Digital Tech, Experiential, Mobile, Integrated, Interaction, Interactive, Producing
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Augmented Reality, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Packaged Goods, Retail, Technology
Target: Bullseye University - Live Shoppable Event