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Oklahoma Joe's

With Oklahoma Joe’s acquisition came a renewed interest in igniting the Oklahoma Joe’s brand—so W.C. Bradley developed a new identity and positioning for Oklahoma Joe’s. The next step in raising awareness for Oklahoma Joe’s was to create a home that’s as tough and as unique as its line of smokers. One of the main distinctions of Oklahoma Joe’s is that it requires a high level of dedication from the cook. The designs for the competition-grade offset smokers took their inspiration from the oil barrel smokers used by roughnecks. They’re simple and rugged. Barbecuers love them because they need you—the hardworking human—to produce exceptional meals. They’re great offset smokers to experiment with your recipes or try different smoking woods for different flavors. They’re built for the serious smoker or the enthusiast trading up from a bullet smoker. They’re authentic and traditional. They are a commitment. And they’re not for everyone. Pitmasters—whether they're cooking the family dinner or competing on the road—rely on their main tools: the smoker, the wood, the meat, and the spices. We focused our creative direction around those three elements, picking up details and incorporating them into the visual vocabulary of the site, as well as ensuring we were striking the right balance with the new identity and Oklahoma Joe’s positioning. Like the typical Oklahoma Joe’s customer who loves the challenge of creating great meals, we rallied our team of UX and visual designers and developers and came ready for the challenge.

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Oklahoma Joe's