1800 Tequila "Remember the Streets"

Art Direction + Design: I worked independently as the lead designer on all aspects of this campaign for 1800 Tequila, from conceptualization and directing photography to implementation and layout of the final parallax-scrolling editorial feature. Working closely with SPIN's creative marketing team, we designed a custom editorial solution for 1800's brand direction with freelance photographers for on-site photo shoots in neighborhoods of Newark, Brooklyn and Los Angeles. I was responsible for final image selection for the interactive editorial piece and digital advertisements across all SpinMedia sites, and proceeded to work in tandem with the in-house engineering team to create animation and build custom interactive elements (including a fully functioning map of 1980s Brooklyn hip hop) throughout the feature. Additionally, I art directed and designed a host of ad units for all three cities to integrate engaging photos alongside compelling article copy to attract and engage with SPIN's audience.

Project Roles
Art Director, Designer
Art Direction, Digital
Products - Digital
Project Industries
Beverage, Music
1800 Tequila "Remember the Streets"
1800 Tequila "Remember the Streets"
1800 Tequila "Remember the Streets"