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Global Internal Change Campaign

Summary In an ever changing world PwC recognized the need to develop a strong purpose centric culture. With over 200,000 global citizens across more than 157 countries it was an important time for the company to take a moment to re-evaluate and provide employees with a refreshed view of the companies behaviours and values. The Challenge PwC knows it needs to operate as a more connected network to truly make a difference on the major issues facing the world. This requires having a consistent understanding of the values and behaviours we live and expect from each other when we work together. The Solution Through our initial involvement we advised it was hard to tell the global values story in isolation of the firm's global Purpose and Strategy and that this was a chance to renew global focus on these two elements, both of which were previously launched but hadn't made much traction i.e. out of the 220,000+ PwC people around the world, almost 80 per cent of us said we didn't know PwC's Purpose despite it being launched in 2014. This was all consolidated into a simple narrative and frame to give every territory a consistent and simplified focus: Why (Our Purpose), What (Our Vision 2020 Strategy), How (Our values and behaviours). Following a virtual Comms Design session (to cater for the mix of time zones), we came back with recommendations and an Experience Brief to capture the approach. The team then produced three videos to build awareness around each frame, and conversation tools for leaders to start driving engagement. These materials reached PwC CEOs and comms teams in every territory globally. A key difference in this project was designing files intentionally for other comms teams and their designers, giving them the ability to edit and tailor for their teams locally, providing more of a baseline concept and tools to drive more consistency globally. My Role Planning & Scope Definition: I managed and organised our first initial workshop with the client. Due to the number of locations involved we created a digital whiteboard platform so we could capture all key insights discussed. I helped in the scope definition and alignment for our internal team. Research & Iteration: I managed research of pages and pages of previous information outputted by PwC teams. We co-designed closely with our client throughout the process. I managed and performed user testing of the print tools and video storyboards. Experience Officer: As there were so many moving parts to the project we decided we needed someone to maintain the ~good vibes~ of our internal team. I was responsible for making sure all team members were having the best experience and constantly learning. I ran stand-ups, project reviews, design critiques and energisers to make sure the team were performing at their best. In turn allowing us to give the client the best experience. Concept Development, Branding & Strategy: I worked with our Creative Director and PwC Brand Team to design a fresh and engaging look and feel. I prioritised and negotiated features for both the initial launch and long term scope. Video Production: I wrote, storyboarded and produced all three videos of the campaign. This included; developing a number of briefing packs for global film crews, organising domestic film crews, working closely with cinematographers and a paper engineer to film the ‘Purpose’ video, writing interview questions, coordinating talent, managing timelines, editing hours of footage, animation and sound design.

Project Roles
Art Director, Cinematographer, Content Producer, Director, Editor (Brand/Content), Motion Designer, Producer, Sound Designer, Writer
Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Lighting, Motion, Post-Production, Producing, User Behavior Research, Video Journalism
Case Study Videos, Commercials - Video
Project Industries
Global Internal Change Campaign
Global Internal Change Campaign
Global Internal Change Campaign
Global Internal Change Campaign