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Masdar Branding

SCOPE OF PROJECT: Strategy, branding, and identity design. THE STORY: Arabic language teachers are constantly frustrated with the lack of organization online platforms provide when housing their lesson plans. They are also in need of a platform that will not only house their lesson plans but inspire activities for kids of all ages. Their long term goal is to preserve the Arabic language for future generations of Arabic speaking families in the U.S. THE APPROACH: The idea was to create brand identity that would speak to both audiences ones who are native to the Arabic language who understood English and ones that were interested in learning Arabic. How do we communicate simultaneously to both audiences without alienating one over the other? THE OUTCOME: A new logo and brand identity system that transliterated the word "source" into Arabic "Masdar" that had a scholarly look while focusing on the Middle East without looking ethnic and overly stylized.

Project Roles
Art Director, Designer, Letterer
Qatar Foundation International
Adobe Illustrator, Strategy
Brand Guidelines, Logos
Project Industries
Masdar Branding