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How to Beat Depression and Anxiety by Changing Your Brain

This is a self-help book I published in 2016 which sells quite well! "The key to overcoming depression and anxiety and to stop living a numb, fear-based existence is in your head. Literally. By taking control of your mind and thoughts and adopting brain healthy habits, you can harness the superpower you were born with, your brain’s proven ability to change itself, neuroplasticity, to optimize operation, change negative thinking patterns, and actually alter the chemical balance and physical form and function of your brain so that happy and healthy become your default. I know. I did it. – but only after a decade of depression ending in a suicide attempt that left me with a seriously compromised brain. In healing my brain, I healed my life. You can do it too. I’ll tell you, in plain English backed by science, how you can improve your brain and life through simple practices: diet and exercise mindfulness and meditation responding rather than reacting gratitude and forgiveness making friends with fear visualization, thought reframing, and more."

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How to Beat Depression and Anxiety by Changing Your Brain