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Lucky Bucket

Writer/Creative Director A brewery that made great beer and had a really cool look and feel was missing something – a story. "Tell us who we are," they said, "and we'll hire you right now." That's when I wrote what we call the "brand mantra statement" and my team and I got to work putting it into video form. It was a rapid fire, run and gun kind of deal, 48 hours from start to finish. The video is a bit rough around the edges and if I could do it all over with a little more time and money, I sure would. But, then again, we kinda touched a nerve with this one - a testament, I think, to the power of a good story. The mantra ended up setting the style and voice for the brand from that point forward. Since most craft breweries don't really advertise per se, their chief touchpoint is really at the point of purchase - on the shelf, at the tap handle, in the cooler. So, that's where we took the brand story next. If you make a poster that people want to hang on their walls, they just might do that. Some of these posters haven't come down in 6 years. And the ones that have, I've been told, were mostly stolen by customers who just couldn't resist the urge to take them home.

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Copywriter, Creative Director
Lucky Bucket
Commercial, Conceptual, Content, Copywriting, Creative Direction, Drama, Low Budget, Outdoor, Strategy
Advertising, Branded Content, Commercials - Video, Packaging, Posters
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Beer, Beverage, Lifestyle, Packaged Goods, Startups
Lucky Bucket
Lucky Bucket
Lucky Bucket