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Coffee Beer Fest 2017

The Beer Junction is a craft beer bottle shop operating in Seattle. They needed a poster for an upcoming event featuring coffee beers and asked me to come up with a design. They were hoping for something that was a bit minimalist but still attention grabbing. I started with a handful of poster composition ideas and presented them to The Beer Junction crew. From there we landed on a couple more minimalist ideas which I then refined a bit more. We landed on the idea of a bottle pouring into a coffee mug, creating the coffee foam art in the form of a hop cone. Once the design was finalized I digitally painted the entire poster in photoshop and prepped the file for web and social media advertising along with the full size print.

Project Roles
Artist, Designer, Illustrator
the beer junction
2D, Adobe Photoshop, Painting
Art, Posters
Project Industries
Beer, Beverage
Coffee Beer Fest 2017