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Shadow of War Game Launch

Launching the game that never forgets with a campaign that doesn't either. In 2014, Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor took fans by surprise with its revolutionary "Nemesis System"– an AI that allowed every orc in the game to remember every choice you made. So to launch this year's followup game, Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, we created a campaign that didn't just promise a bigger, better Nemesis System, it actually recreated it. The campaign started with an interactive film that forced viewers to make an impossible choice: will you save your loyal follower or abandon him to slay your sworn nemesis? Depending on the choices you make, you'll end up forging either one of three allies or one of three foes. Using simple cookies along with an extremely complicated media buy, your orc will begin showing up all across the internet. In banner ads and social feeds, video pre-roll and beyond. Bringing you exclusive gameplay previews and even giveaways. But more than just delivering you exclusives, this campaign actually lets you experience the game before you've even started playing it. And reminds you that Nothing Will Be Forgotten.

Project Roles
Creative Director, Art Director
The Martin Agency
Art Direction, Creative Direction
Advertising, Commercials - Broadcast, Commercials - Video, Interactive Videos
Project Industries
Shadow of War Game Launch
Shadow of War Game Launch
Shadow of War Game Launch