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YouTube Vote IRL

In 2016 YouTube’s Vlogging went mainstream on YouTube - the likes of Bethany Mota, Hannah Hart, Hank Green had a amassed millions of followers. However, YouTubes internal data showed that a large majority of their YT creators audiences are prolific online but in the real world feel their voice doesn’t matter. YouTube enlisted Vice, to help tackle widespread inertia within a disengaged demographic. Vice Media has amassed the largest following of engaged millennials of any media platform by exposing them to in-depth reportage and championing those who are making a difference to societal issues facing the world. A collaboration between YouTube Creators and Vice has the potential to educate YouTube creators audiences through a process of cross pollination. Our solution was to bring together some of the most recognized YouTube celebrities to rally their followers to #VoteIRL. We created two films tailored to both audiences and targeted YouTube audiences with politically relevant Vice editorials with the objective of igniting a movement rallying them away from their keyboards and to the polling stations. We collaborated with YouTube’s social agency Big Spaceship to create a truly 360 campaign which helped spread the #VoteIRL message.

Project Roles
Creative Director, Copywriter
Copywriting, Creative Direction
Project Industries
Government, Media
YouTube Vote IRL
YouTube Vote IRL