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Acting Master Laadsaheb

Much like the protagonists of the stories he's written (and starred in) over the years, 24-year-old Narayan Pundlik had unflinching belief that he was meant for greater things when he started out as a painter on a film set 30 years ago. 54 today, his big Bollywood dream continues to remain elusive but the multifaceted Pundlik, who now calls himself Acting Master Laadsaheb, continues to be his jovial, uninhibited self. The film celebrates his colourful, larger-than-life world, while also attempting to look for possible cracks in the persona he's created for himself, wondering whether there's a somewhat indignant Narayan Pundlik lurking beneath the surface.

Project Roles
Cinematographer, Director, Editor (Brand/Content)
Cinematography, Creative Direction, Editing, Post-Production
Acting Master Laadsaheb