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Allen Gregory

This was Jonah Hill's creation for FOX back in 2011 - an animated series about a spoiled, rich 7 year-old who goes back to public schooling and bullies his way around with a larger-than-life attitude, while sipping on champagne and sushi for lunch. As the show develops, things get nasty, ugly, controversial, and occasionally even a wee bit funny. But yes, the world may be a better place from the show's cancellation merely 7 episodes in. That said, working on the theme song and underscore was a lot of fun, my first foray in television work. It was a new approach to composing and the experience encouraged me to heavily color outside the lines. We often think of "working outside of our comfort zone" as a challenging - and sometimes frightening thing - but then, as you plow along and the efforts are surprisingly productive and fluid, you realize that this "comfort zone" we often create and isolate ourselves in is much wider and diverse than initially imagined.

Project Roles
Composer, Sound Designer, Sound Engineer
20th Century Fox Animation
Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Music, Musical Effects, World Music / Crossover
Character Animations, Scripted TV
Project Industries
Entertainment, Music