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Project Dash User Research Project

The number of professionals working as freelancers and independent contractors in the US is growing sharply, yet there are no financial products to address this group's unique concerns. Project Dash brought me on to develop a research strategy that would help the company owners learn more about the realities of freelancing from a cross-section of individuals. In addition, I recruited interview participants, developed all screening and interview guides and conducted all ethnographic interviews. ​ Over two weeks I spoke with freelancers and independent contractors across the New York City area and developed three strong personas as a result of our conversations. The interviews also produced insights into the unique savings style of most freelancers as well as highly pronounced attitudes about their work. After synthesizing the interview data, I presented my findings in a comprehensive research document which the Project Dash later used with potential investors.

Project Roles
Designer, Executive Producer, Writer
Project Dash
Copywriting, Design, Strategy, User Behavior Research
Project Industries
Project Dash User Research Project
Project Dash User Research Project
Project Dash User Research Project