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Abbott. Life to the Fullest, is Abbott’s brand platform dedicated to helping others live their best, healthiest lives. I was tasked with designing 2 ownable, approachable design concepts (one of them to be chosen to function as their completely CMSable brand platform) as well as the creation of a fully annotated standards & functional spec documentation. The design direction called for an approachable yet aspirational aesthetic which features an exciting dynamic grid. The design challenge was to make every component easily authorable from a CMS standpoint meaning a lot of thinking had to be done in regards to how content dynamically loads. Every component throughout the site had to have a defined set of rules not only for usability purposes, but also to guide the web development vendor in its creation. Furthermore, this site design was an exercise in strategy and compromise as we knew we couldn’t go all out with rich interactions or overly-complicated pieces of UI.

Project Roles
Art Director, Designer