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Estée Lauder + MAC Cosmetics

Each year, Estée Lauder Companies brings together a select groups of employees to help collaborate in solving company-wide challenges. The ‘Bring Out Your Best Program’ encourages employees in all positions to brainstorm solutions. The challenge last year was figuring out how to decrease employee turnover in retail stores. Many early discovery questions came up, like “what solution could help employees feel connected with each other?” and “How do we increase communication and resources between various locations?” Invited by a team member to help strategize and design a digital prototype, we pushed to create an solution that would answer these questions and more. Transparency was key element in our thinking. We wanted a feature that would allow employees to contact each other from a central company directory - creating a flow of smooth and secure communication about anything from rotating weekly shifts, to company-wide status updates. Additionally, we wanted to empower employees and make them feel like they had the ability to achieve upward growth within the company. By providing training courses and exams within the app, we hoped to make all workers feel like they could see long-term benefits of staying with the Estée Lauder brand. Finally, we included a direct line of communication to HR - in the hopes to make each individual feel like they had a quick and easy way to voice any of their issues and ideas.

Project Roles
Creative Director, Product Designer, UX/IA Designer
Estée Lauder
After Effects, Sketch, User Behavior Research
App Design
Project Industries
 Estée Lauder + MAC Cosmetics