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NBA: International Redesign + Digital Product Ecosystem

The National Basketball Association is a beloved American institution, but also a sport enjoyed around the world. With international audiences consuming more basketball content each year, the NBA looked to focus their efforts on this market - delivering quality content and driving premium subscriptions. The issue we faced was a long-standing one: a wide discrepancy between the quality of domestic & international markets in a key areas (design, user experience, content, etc). Furthermore, the current domestic offerings weren’t performing well enough to drive NBA LEAGUE PASS subscriptions. The first step in our strategy was to create a unified design system that balanced consistency across digital channels, with keeping true to each platform’s best practices. We introduced a crisper typeface, cleaner UI, and more dynamic motion and video. We also optimized user experience, overhauling the information architecture to focus on game viewing and personalization. Finally, we created more opportunities for pay-walled content, actively encouraging users to subscribe to NBA LEAGUE PASS to access more exciting and premium features.

Project Roles
Creative Director, Motion Designer, Product Designer
Android, Content, Design, Mobile, User Behavior Research
Brand Guidelines, Mobile Apps, Websites
Project Industries
Entertainment, Sports
 NBA: International Redesign + Digital Product Ecosystem
 NBA: International Redesign + Digital Product Ecosystem