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Dunkin Donuts: #SummerNotSorry

Dunkin' wanted to see if we could get them more reach from a FB video vs a standard TVC. We pulled insights on their three targets - moms, millenials and young dads. Bottom line was that they all long for the freedom of summer's past but responsibility gets in the way. So, we created the hashtag #SummerNotSorry and an original throwback rap video styled after the summer jams they grew up with. Basically we gave them a reminder that they should do whatever they want all summer long. The video is currently tracking to many millions of views based on shares and tagging. Additionally, from a media standpoint, the video was 57% more efficient than a 30 sec TVC and 15% more effective from a recall perspective.

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Dunkin Donuts: #SummerNotSorry