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Mr. T and Gold Promise (TV)

In the gold exchange biz, things are kind of mysterious and shady, making the practice not very trustworthy. Enova financial wanted to change all that, and create a turn-key process that gave people a chance to cash in their gold with full control of the process. We tapped into the gold-lover himself, Mr. T, to be our spokesperson. He scored high in trust among consumers and seemed like a perfect fit for a service like this. The client wanted to use a "Softer side" of Mr. T, so we took him out of his normal "tough guy" routine and put him in situations that he wouldn't normally experience-thanks to the extra cash he got from exchanging his gold. The print aligned Mr. T's personal/physical attributes to the service attributes with bold type and design.

Project Roles
Creative Director
enova financial
Art Direction, Creative Direction, Storyboarding
Commercials - Broadcast
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