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Allstate Moto - Sturgis Virgins

Allstate's Motorcycle division has one motto: To Keep Riders Riding. And for riders, getting to a big rally like Sturgis is the pinnacle of that experience. So we proposed a social media campaign to spread the word and promote the ultimate prize: a free ride with an expert guide and four friends. We'd flood Allstate Moto's blog, Facebook page and paid media, inviting all Sturgis virgins to experience their first big event. Then scrub the web for all entries using #SturgisVirgin and start showcasing the best entries on our site. After people vote and a winner is picked, his or her pack of riders will be guided by our biker celeb to the rally--followed by a support van, complete with a maintenance crew, first aid, and maybe a masseuse. Viewers can track their progress, watch their fumbling mishaps, and suggest "missions" along the way, such as visiting a landmark or famous bar. The virgins will update a blog throughout their trip, where they'll reveal their joys and insights--as well as their struggles. The virgins are getting tired, they have pain from the distance, their bike needs maintenance--maybe they feel judged by the more seasoned riders watching. Their side missions are contributing to awkward performance anxiety. This is not as easy as they thought it would be...but it's very entertaining to watch.

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Allstate Moto - Sturgis Virgins
Allstate Moto - Sturgis Virgins
Allstate Moto - Sturgis Virgins
Allstate Moto - Sturgis Virgins