Massin - Faucheux is a serie composed of three paperback books documenting the journey of two French designers, Robert Massin and Pierre Faucheux, during the mid-twentieth century. Each volume of the series is the product of a reflection on the approach of these authors around the book as an object. Le Style, Le début de l'image and L'architecte du livre, were the titles chosen to characterize the volume as a single, unified piece. In order to enable a double reading, the collection was designed to highlight the perspective of each designer that emerges from the two-dimensional perspective. The selection of each author quotes allows, through the choices of typography used, to highlight points of view by putting them in dialogue. Having the Gallimard´s pocket editions and Penguin Classics as an inspiration, Massin - Faucheux challenges the graphic panorama both in a formal and conceptual level, exploring the potential of the book.

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