[re] titled

[re]titled is a special edition about appropriation, that explores the work of four artists and four designers, whose work was developed between the 70's and the 90's. The publication’s title - [re]titled - comes from the concept of appropriation and from the relations among authors. The publication can be seen in two points of view. The reader can choose to read it in a predefined page sequence or, by separating the spreads from the whole edition. In the last case, it is possible to establish a relation between an artist and its designer counterpoint. In this sense, the edition works as a vehicle to communicate and spread the idea of appropriation explored by the selected authors. Besides the newspaper, this special edition is also complemented with a folding booklet that contains a selection of images. This booket can be opened in a poster and also be torn into individual postcards. This idea is also exhibited in a digital platform, through the hashtag #retitlededition, which reinforces the dissemination character of [re]titled and allows to gather everything that is shared with this reference. The reader has access to this platform due to the Qr-code displayed at the end of the publication.

Project Roles
Designer, Editor (Brand/Content)
Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop
[re] titled