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The Project | A Fiction Story about Corrupted Government

My task was to design a Fiction Story Telling image for a Fiction Book, that looks unique yet catch attention of reader by its cover. Some words by Author on his book (The Project). This book is a work of FICTION. It tells the story of a corrupt government, subjugating it's poor and middle classes for the benefit of the wealthy. If you have trouble separating fact from fiction, this book is not for you. The concepts presented are specific, eye-opening, and controversial... and may be a "trigger" for some anti-conspiracy theorists. They've been conveniently tagged for your viewing pleasure by their 1-star reviews.** John Greenleaf, President of Adrianna: "How do you take power away from the rich?" Residents of Adrianna: "Take power away from money." And, so begins The Project. Though the project plans have been in the works for 100s of years, the date is now June 24th, 2023, five years after The Great Earthquake. Greedy corporations and crooked politicians rule the world and make the laws that keep them in power. Pharmaceutical companies manipulate diseases for profit instead of cures. Religious doctrine is used to control and pacify the impoverished masses through promise of reward in the afterlife, instead of this life. All that is going to change when Adrianna, a newly formed island in the Atlantic, takes control. The world needs good guys that aren’t restricted by rules and laws made by the bad guys. Wars are fought for three reasons--money, religion, and freedom. Adrianna has no system of currency, no religion, and everyone is free. The only problem? Adrianna’s information, technology and cures are guaranteed to destroy the world’s economy. Will the rich and powerful allow it? Of course, you realize, this means war.

Project Roles
Johnny Moscato
Adobe Photoshop, Compositing, Retouching
Book Covers
Project Industries
The Project | A Fiction Story about Corrupted Government