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Aetna - Machine 11

A study found that every cigarette you smoke takes 11 minutes off your life. Based on that study, we created a campaign for Aetna that aims to change the way people think and talk about quitting smoking by stepping away from fear and scare-tactics and focusing on the positive instead: all the great things you could do in life with 11 minutes. For this, we built a machine that gives you a memorable 11-minute experience in exchange for just one cigarette. The campaign has received over 7 million views to date including making it onto national television. And positive social sentiment for Aetna went from 25% to 99.8%.

Project Roles
Commercial, Copywriting, Experiential, Interactive
Advertising, Case Study Videos, Naming, Product Designs
Project Industries
Aetna - Machine 11
Aetna - Machine 11