Pathway to Opportunity

The NCAA invested in major policy changes intended to help student-athletes have both a better collegiate experience and find long-term opportunity after college, addressing major public criticism, but hadn’t found an effective way to communicate the benefits of these changes to the public. I worked with the BPI research team to identify the most compelling points of the NCAA’s programs and found former student-athletes with personal stories that highlighted how it worked, why it mattered and how it impacted their lives. I led creative development and production of all brand marketing elements across digital channels, including pre-roll, paid and organic social, banners, homepage takeovers, and sponsored content with partners like the New York Times and Sports Illustrated. The campaign successfully demonstrated the NCAA’s contribution to creating pathways to long-term opportunity, evidenced by an increase of +8 percentage points for the NCAA's brand reputation.

Project Roles
Content Producer, Copywriter, Creative Director, Director, Executive Producer, Post Producer
Commercial, Copywriting, Creative Direction, Digital, Integrated, Management of Teams 1-10, Social
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Advertising, Education, Sports