The OA: Netflix Deathdrop

Most TV networks hype new shows with a month or two of your usual pre-launch materials. So we Beyoncé-dropped The OA — Netflix's Original Series about a woman who died more times than she could count — with just a few mysterious questions for Netflix’s 2.5 million Twitter followers. Three days before dropping the entire first season. When fans went nuts, we led them to one of the craziest Instagram grids they’d ever seen, riddled with hidden puzzles, messages, and clues for an added second-screen dimension to a show about inter-dimensional travel. To keep the momentum going through the holiday season and into 2017, we fueled the fire of our growing fanbase by mysteriously sliding into social conversations. What we saw in the first month after the initial launch was unprecedented organic growth: hundreds of thousands on Facebook, over 50k on Instagram, and a whopping 1.2 BILLION total potential impressions on Twitter.

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