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Union Made Creative is looking for a cross between Michael Jordan and Michael Bierut for their Senior Designer position in Los Angeles. Must love meticulous design and be able to dunk from the foul line.


Three words to describe this job are sports, design, details.

Our motto is creative work is best served when the brightest minds come together without the unnecessary burden of process or preconception.

This is a great opportunity because our goal is to never be defined by a particular style or technique, but rather be defined by how we solve a problem in an undefined way.

The ideal personality for this role is enthusiastic, artistic and optimistic.

You’d be working on various Nike projects.

You’ll love our office because UNION lives in the historic Presidio Park inside an original men’s Civil War barracks. Just in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge. 


3-6 years


Branding, Broadcast, Experiential, Interactive, Posters, Print, Social


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CONFIDENTIAL is looking for a Freelance Designer/MAYA Animator in NYC.
Blue posts are full-time
Here’s the deal: CONFIDENTIAL is looking for a Lead Designer to lead story design from concept to launch on our biggest, most ambitious featured stories in our New York City office. A love for sports, editorial and design is a must.
We know what you’re wondering…is this one of those job posts where CONFIDENTIAL is looking for a Senior Designer in their Atlanta office where everyone is hard-working and some of them bring their dogs to the office? Yes, yes it is.
Here’s the deal: CONFIDENTIAL is looking for a Design Director to lead a group of talented designers to produce plain smart, curiously off-beat, brave, bold and collaborative visual identity and design work of all kinds  in our Atlanta office. Can you hang?
Here’s the deal: CONFIDENTIAL is looking for a Freelance Designer to help our events team make other events teams weep with jealousy in our New York office. Now all that doodling in 7th grade can come in handy.
Here’s the deal: CONFIDENTIAL is looking for a Freelance Visual Designer to create a new visual language and design system in our Manhattan office. Mic drop?
Here’s the deal: CONFIDENTIAL is looking for a Associate Creative Director to dream up big ideas and convince our clients of their awesomeness in our TriBeCa office. Note: You won't find anything about us because we're just that cool.
3D Designers. CONFIDENTIAL. NYC. BOOM! Nuff said.
Get your landlord off your back with a job as a Freelance Production Manager at CONFIDENTIAL in LA. We’re dog people.
Have you always dreamt that the job post for your dream job would start with ”CONFIDENTIAL is hiring a Designer in their Marina Del Rey  office...” and end with ”…to work on innovative, ground breaking projects in the men's grooming industry”? Well, wakey wakey, sleepyhead! It's real!