Eduardo "Dudu" Gomes

is a Contender

Eduardo "Dudu" Gomes

Eduardo "Dudu" Gomes is a Contender

  1. Art Director,
  2. Designer,
  3. Product Designer


Hardworker, Creative, Craft

Eduardo Gomes is the name.
You can call me Dudu!
Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, now I’m based in NYC.
Thanks to MTV, I love Design and Visual Arts since I was a kid and that’s what I’ve been doing in the past decade.
Plural. I can play Art Direction, Visual Design, Branding and UI/UX in the same high level.
During this game I was fortunate enough to work with many great brands like, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Citi, Oracle, Oakley, Anderson Silva, MAM-RJ, JCA Group, Nestlé among others.

  1. Art Director /
  2. Designer /
  3. Product Designer


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