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Nitzan Hermon

Nitzan Hermon

Nitzan Hermon

  1. Creative Director,
  2. Creative Technologist,
  3. Writer

New York

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  • Nitzan Hermon
  • Nitzan Hermon Creative Director, Creative Technologist, Writer
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Pragmatically , Chaotic , Systems

Nitzan Hermon is an art director, creative technologist and researcher. He is an alumni of the first ever museum-led incubator, New INC – currently researching design for AI, IA (intelligence augmentation) and cognition.
As a creative director, Nitzan has produced award-winning work for Wallpaper*, Le Meridian and Percolate. His work has been featured in international press and various publications; The Guardian, Gestalten, The Atlantic and Desktop Magazine.

  1. Creative Director /
  2. Creative Technologist /
  3. Writer


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