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Bernadette Coughlin

Bernadette Coughlin

Bernadette Coughlin

  1. Art Director,
  2. Illustrator,
  3. Designer

New York

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    Bernadette generally charges $100-150/hr or $1000-1500/day, though everything's negotiable.
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    Years Exp

Detailed, Quirky, Reliable

Hi! I'm Bernadette but please call me Bern. I'm a freelance Art Director and Illustrator with a background in advertising and design. I have experience working on huge global brands, pitches, quick get-it-out-the-door projects, and everything in between. In my spare time, I enjoy those little Debbie cosmic brownies and writing picture books. My advertising work can be found at, while my illustration work can be found at Enjoy!

  1. Art Director /
  2. Illustrator /
  3. Designer


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