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  1. Designer /
  2. Motion Designer /
  3. Front-End Developer


Young, And, Hungry


Eater of exquisite Thai delicacies and design teacher to my girlfriend at สถานีอ่อนนุช May 2021 — Aug 2021 Bangkok, Thailand

Freelance Creative at MATTE Projects Nov 2020 — Mar 2021 New York, USA

Freelance Designer at &vest Apr 2020 — Oct 2020 New York, USA

Freelance Graphic Designer at And Or Forever Aug 2019 — Feb 2020 Brooklyn, NY, USA

Freelance Web Development Associate at Beggar's Group Aug 2019 — Nov 2019 New York, NY, USA

Freelance Intern / Freelance at We Make Heart Dec 2018 — May 2019 Boston, MA, USA

Intern at SproutsIO Sep 2018 — Dec 2018 Cambridge, MA, USA

Intern at Slavs and Tatars Jun 2018 — Current Berlin, Germany

Intern at SJI Associates Aug 2017 — Aug 2017 New York, USA

Clients include Artscope, Slavs and Tatars, The Kirsh Group, Beggar's Group, Telfar, Parquet Courts, Sarah Sze, &Pizza, Versace, Reebok, Monogram, Amazon, Makeup Museum, NOSSA, TalkToHer

Graphic Design at Boston University Attended 2015 — 2019

WNW Member #78869