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  1. Artist /
  2. Director /
  3. Art Director


Experimental, Passionate, Analytic


Director, Artist, Art Director at Jenny Mascia May 2018 — Current New York, NY, USA

Freelance Illustrator, Animator, Art Director at Fable Studio Mar 2019 — Current New York, NY, USA

Freelance Animator, Illustrator, Designer at made at art camp Jul 2018 — Current Brooklyn, NY, USA

Freelance Animator, Concept Artist, Art Director at miki agrawal Sep 2018 — Dec 2018 Brooklyn, NY, USA

Freelance Designer, Illustrator at Memo Productions May 2018 — Current Manhattan, NY, USA

Freelance Animator, Concept Artist at awen film Nov 2017 — Jan 2018 Manhattan, NY, USA

Book Designer at Paula Sarnoff Orek Nov 2016 — Aug 2017 Manhattan, NY, USA

Art Director, Animator at Sprayable co. Sep 2016 — Mar 2017 New York, USA

Design at Glitterati Inc. May 2016 — Sep 2016 Manhattan, NY, USA

Clients include Dig Inn, feral atlas, urban space, Miki Agrawal (Thinx), Awen Film co., Glitterati Inc., XL Recordings, NATIONAL SUICIDE PREVENTION, LIFELINE, Spotify

Design, Fine Arts at School of Visual Arts Attended 2014 — 2018

Animation at Experimental Center of Cinematography, Turin, Italy Attended 2014 — 2014

WNW Member #66474