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  1. Designer /
  2. Art Director /
  3. Creative Technologist


Sharp, Creative, Experienced



3D, 3D Generalist, Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Art Buying, Art Direction, CGI, Cinematic, Compositing, Conceptual, Content Management, Creative Direction, Environments, Film, Front-End Development, Game Design, HTML, Interactive, Kid Friendly, Language: Dothraki, Language: English, Lighting, Low / High Fidelity Prototyping, Maintaining Schedules, Management of Teams 1-10, Management of Teams 10-20, Management of Teams 20+, Managing Budgets, Maya, Mixed Media, Modeling, Particles, PHP, Post-Production, Producing, Project Management, Retouching, Rigging, Scripting, Sculpting, Stop Motion, Textures, Travel, TV, Unity, Unreal Engine, VFX, Visual Development, Woodworking, Wrangling - Creatives



3D Animations, 3D Illustrations, Advertising, App Design, Architectural Visualization, Art, Augmented Reality, Books, Branded Content, Character Animations, Character Designs, Children's Books, Commercials - Broadcast, Concept Art, Experimental Films, Feature Length Films, Games - Console, Games - Mobile, Games - VR, Graffiti, Illustrations, Interaction Designs, Matte Paintings, Mood Boards, Murals, Prototypes, Set Designs, Short Films, Social Media Content, Storyboards, UI Design, UX Designs, Virtual Reality, Visual Designs, Websites, Wireframes