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  1. Designer /
  2. Art Director /
  3. Editor (Film/TV)


Vision & purpose, Movement


Art Director, video editor and illustrator at Clube Sentimental Oct 2019 — May 2021 Melbourne, Australia, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Visual Jockey and Founder at MADRE™ May 2015 — Current

Freelance VJ Trainee workshop for women at BREU Gallery Apr 2018 — Apr 2018

Freelance Graphic Designer at Gullane Filmes Feb 2018 — Apr 2018

Freelance Graphic Designer at Caza Filmes Apr 2018 — May 2018

Freelance Graphic Designer at Cine Group Mar 2017 — May 2017

Graphic Designer at Ministério da Cultura Nov 2012 — Apr 2015

Graphic Designer at Bertoni Design Mar 2011 — Oct 2012

Freelance Set Designer and Art Director at Fabrika Filmes Jun 2010 — Nov 2010

Graphic Designer at Nabuko Design Feb 2009 — Feb 2010

Graphic Designer at ISLE Aug 2021 — Current San Diego, CA, USA

Clients include Cine Group, Ministério da Cultura, Bertoni Design, Sesc, Fabrika Filmes, School of the Nations, MYMK Music, Agnelo Pacheco, Influenza Produções, Helio Diff, CCBB Brasília, History Channel, TNT, Xanadu Surf Designs, Gullane Films, Ixchel Hand Made, Clube Sentimental

social communication, publicity and advertisement at IESB Attended 2008 — 2012

BlendyDome VJ Software at VJ University - United VJs Attended 2016 — 2016

Performance Audiovisual at Telenoika Barcelona Attended 2016 — 2016

WNW Member #36677