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Quiet, But, Deadly


Clients include fitbit, Aldo, American Giant, Bare Essentials, Charlotte Russe, BuzzFeed, CNN, eBay, Tatcha, Target, Old Navy, Morphe, Gap Inc., kendo, Lucy, lumo, PopSugar, Sephora, Quay Australia, Mens Fitness, Papyrus, Lunar, Walmart, Zobha, Volvo, Credo Mobile, Guinness World Records, Hennessey, HGTV, Icon Magazine, Inked Magazine, Levi's, Macworld, Ducati, Triumph, MIT, Pax labs, Swirl, Untitled, Amazfit, Guittard, H20+, SF Magazine, 7x7, Weddington Way, Xmatters, Shop It To Me, Another World Entertainment, Blue Lemon Switzerland, Allis Inc, Bluescape, BrennesCo, Dekkori, Dualitas, EVAULT, Flying Magazine, Worth Magazine, GU Magazine, Marin Speedshop, JUUL, VentureBeat, W+K, Spectrum, Technology Review, NIQUEA.D, INFO Brazil, Performer Magazine, The Riddler SF

Industrial Design Dropout at DLSU