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Good, For, You


Senior Copywriter + Reviewer at BioTE Medical Apr 2019 — Mar 2020 Dallas, TX, USA

Senior Copywriter at brainMD Sep 2018 — Apr 2019 Los Angeles, CA, USA

Senior Digital Copywriter at The New School Jan 2017 — Jun 2018 New York, NY, USA

Contributor at Riot Material Feb 2017 — Jun 2018 Remote

Copywriter at Kaplan Jul 2015 — Jan 2017

Contributor at Living Form May 2016 — Dec 2017 New York, NY, USA

Writer + Assistant Director at Eric Firestone Gallery Aug 2013 — Sep 2014

Writer + Content Producer at The Art Directors Club Jan 2013 — Aug 2013

Founding Editor at Chalet Magazine Jan 2012 — Jan 2015 New York, NY, USA

New York Assistant Editor at Whitehot Jan 2011 — Jan 2015

Assistant Editor at On-Verge Jan 2011 — Dec 2012

Archivist + Gallery Assistant at Marlborough Gallery Jan 2009 — Jan 2010

Clients include The Wall Street Journal, Fab.com, Kaplan, Ford Motor Company, Art Directors Club, The Art Directors Club, Anne-Marie Chagnon, Whitehot, Chalet Magazine, On-Verge, SUITED Magazine, Marlborough Gallery, Eric Firestone Gallery, Leslie Feely Gallery, Pantone, Shecky's, Riot Material, Living Form, House Studios, The Art of Travel Japan, Amen Clinics, Urban Decay, Humana, iCrossing, BioTE Medical, Saint George's University, Country Life Vitamins, Nike, Concious Minds

History of Art + Moral and Political Philosophy at University of Michigan - Ann Arbor Attended 2004 — 2008

WNW Member #23062