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  1. Designer /
  2. Art Director /
  3. Illustrator


I like, Making, Things


Freelance Senior Designer at Dead As We Know It Sep 2019 — Dec 2019 Brooklyn, NY, USA

Freelance Senior Designer at Slice Life Dec 2018 — Mar 2019 New York, USA

Freelance Designer at Wieden+Kennedy May 2016 — Apr 2019 New York, USA

Freelance Creative at Superfly Presents Jan 2015 — May 2016

Freelance Art Director at Institutional Investor Nov 2015 — Jan 2016

Freelance Art Director at Berlin Cameron United May 2015 — Nov 2015

Digital Design Director at Nordic LLC Oct 2013 — May 2015

Freelance Web Designer at New York Daily News Oct 2012 — May 2013

Freelance Apparel Designer at Freeze Apr 2009 — Aug 2009

Freelance Designer at Nerdhealth Mar 2007 — May 2009 Hollywood, FL, USA

Clients include Duracell, Bud Light, ESPN, Capital One, Google, Spotify, Lexus, New York Daily News, Delta, Chipotle, Lyft, Kind Bars, Institutional Investor, Gingko Press, mixx Tail, Simple Shoes, Pfizer, Sprite, Wieden+Kennedy, pointer, FS1, IHOP, Spanx, tinder, OkCupid, Jim Beam, Pointer Shoes, Nike, The Kraken Rum, Tincup, the sexton, bib & tucker, HFFA, Marcos Tinoco BJJ

Illustration at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale Inc Attended 2004 — 2008

WNW Member #22967